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Diagramming a Cover 1 Defense

With the Cover 2 and Cover 3 defenses already diagrammed, I decided it was time to fire up the ChalkTalk Telestrator, and map out a Cover 1 Defense.

The Cover 1 defense is a pretty basic defense to map out out and execute, since it's essentially man-to-man coverage. Here is a breakdown of the responsibilities:

Cornerbacks: Line up close to the line of scrimmage, responsible for bump and run coverage with corresponding WR.

Strong Safety: Generally lines up in the box, responsible for TE.

Free Safety: Responsible for deep coverage, can attempt to bailout Corners who are beat deep by their WR's.

Outside Linebackers: The weak-side LB is generally responsible for the RB, while the strong-side LB is generally responsible for the FB.

Middle Linebacker: Generally blitzes through the middle, sometimes assists the safety

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with mid-field coverage.

The Cover 1

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Defense is a very aggressive defense, perfect for an athletic/physical defensive backfield. Success in this coverage normally hinges on the CB's ability to jam their WR at the line of scrimmage, disrupting the flow of the offense, and allowing time for the pass rush to do its job.

As you can see,the ChalkTalk Telestrator can be turned into the perfect tool for diagramming and analyzing plays. To test it out, head over to www.powerchalk.com/ and try it for free!


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